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Kata orang, anak Medan rajanya makan. Kata orang, Medan tempatnya makanan dari berbagai daerah berkumpul. Kata orang juga, Medan surga Kuliner. Kata kami, jangan cuma bisa makan. Here’s MaMa story…

It all started in 2007.

Berawal dari frustasi dan kebingungan mencari makanan di kota Medan ketika liburan semester kuliah di luar negeri di akhir tahun 2007, dibuat dan dikelola oleh Bobby, Harry, dan Leo.

14 tahun kemudian, anak-anak MaMa tumbuh dan berkembang. Harapan kami supaya dapat tetap menjadi pioneer dan dapat senantiasa menyuguhkan konten baru di platform digital yang selalu berubah, serta memajukan industri F&B di kota Medan.

The Team



Leo is one of Makanmana’s founders and the core of Makanmana’s growth. As a leader, he leads the team with kindness and compassion, while maintaining a charismatic disposition. He’s an avid street food lover, and never stops his hunt for good foods. Adventurous in his journey on finding delicious foods, open to trying new and novel cuisines.

Makanmana website was started by Leo and his writing. While you may see less of his blogging activity these days, Leo is still very much busy with keeping Makanmana afloat with new programs and marketing ventures. If you miss him, go over to our Youtube Channel and watch him review foods with Bobby every Friday.

Bobby Wongso

Head of Managrafi

Bobby is MakanMana’s Co-founder and a graphic designer turned to Photographer. He’s in charge of beautiful food photos in this blog. An avid street food lover as well, you can watch his street food video along with Leo on MakanMana’s Youtube Channel.

Under his creative vision with Leo, Savorsnap was born—the first photography service specialized in F&B. The brand has emerge into Managrafi and now he’s expanding Production team to cover videography as well. A highly disciplined individual with no non-sense approach to solve creative problem.

Cindy Ardisa

Head of Social Media Manager

Don’t let her shy and sweet smile fool you, this lady is actually very capable of many things. She is the person who makes sure Makanmana’s social media alive every day. Despite being busy with Instagram & Facebook, Cindy still writes for Makanmana’s website now and then. You can read more of her works by clicking her name.

She joined the team back in 2019, starting with a hobby to write about foods. You may find her on her desk with earphones 24/7. Her addiction to caffeine, namely Coffee, becomes worse as each day passes. So, don’t mess with her unless she gets her daily caffeine fix.

Christine Jillian

Head of Content

Outspoken and blunt, Christine always makes sure everyone knows of her thoughts and ideas. She’s responsible for planning Makanmana’s content throughout the year, keeping up with trends, and checking in on the big dates for specials events.

As she mostly engages in blog writing and content planning, she prefers the quiet nature of her own home, only going to the office when there are important meetings and alike. Easy to talk to and often oversharing on first meeting, Christine has difficulty stopping when discussing movies and dramas once started.

Ferdy Setiawan

Head of Production

Here’s Ferdy, the man who made your Friday binge watching awesome. His diligence and persistence in editing videos made it possible to keep up with the weekly video upload on Youtube Channel. Working in Makanmana has him immuned of the word “revision” and “deadline”.

He joined the team in late 2019 and tried his hand in the creative industry. Until today, Ferdy is still learning and growing his skills in Videography, Digital Marketing, and Web Development.

Nikki Lauda

Host & Content Creator

Nikki Lauda a.k.a Joe is a Bakmie Lover and hardly live without noodle. Walking and wandering around with his trademark hat makes him easily spotted and known by everyone.

His role and mission in MakanMana is to hunt for hidden good food around the city. He also loves to make new friends and can easily get along with everyone.

Backed by passionate people in their field

15 tahun di industri F&B sebagai pemerhati kuliner dan masing-masing tim dengan background yang berbeda, saat ini tim kami menawarkan solusi terintegrasi untuk kebutuhan bisnis anda.

Here’s Services from our Company Mana Aktiva

Digital Content Management & Social Media Strategy

Shifting dari marketing konvensional ke dunia digital? Kami siap membantu membangun dan memperkuat branding usaha anda. Baik social media management, strategy planning, product development, ads spending management, and more.

F&B Brand Activation & Marketing Consultation

Punya produk baru yang ingin diluncurkan? Punya konsep baru tapi tidak tahu bagaimana mengeksposnya? Consult with us! We have tremendous success working with small and national brands.

Food Photography & Menu Design

Banyak pengelola usaha yang sudah invest ratusan juta demi tempat yang nyaman, interior yang cantik, namun sayangnya menu dan variasi makanan kurang menggairahkan, padahal itulah ujung tombak omset anda. MaMa punya divisi fotografi spesialis makanan (Savorsnap) yang siap membantu anda baik food styling dan plating, konsep menu, bagaimana design menu yang efektif.