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Get to know Kwetiau Akuang: One of the most famous Kwetiau Goreng Halal in Medan.

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Kwetiau Goreng (Stir-fried Flat Rice Noodles) has an unshakable position in the heart of Medan’s people. It’s consumed for breakfast and supper, dry or soupy, and most importantly, could be found in every corner of the city.

In Medan, you’ll find that most Kwetiau Goreng stalls are dominated by the Chinese locals and that most of the Kwetiau Goreng here is cooked with lard. In the midst of tight, competitive street food fields of Kwetiau Goreng, Kwetiau Akuang emerges with their no pork, no lard Kwetiau Goreng, becoming one of the most well-known Kwetiau Goreng Halal in the city.

The outlet was started in 1960

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The journey started in 1960s – with a wok and a spatula, Kwetiau Akuang has since became one of the legendary culinary spots in town. The stall was named after the current owner’s dad, the O.G person behind the wok, the late Mr. Akuang.

Because it’s halal, Kwetiau Akuang can be enjoyed by a lot more people. It is also said that it was visited twice by the late culinary expert, Mr. Bondan. Mr. Bondan was a writer and journalist who founded ‘JalanSutra’, as well as a TV host for ‘Wisata Kuliner’.

The stall is located at Pagaruyung Street and opens daily from 5 PM to 11PM.

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Used to be a crowded street at night, but currently with the pandemic situation, the street faced a crisis.

For your information (which we receive from a follower), you can find another Kwetiau stall on the same street called ‘Kwetiau Asun’, which was founded by one of the sons of Mr. Akuang.

Seafood as the Main Ingredient

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The Kwetiau is stir-fried with oil, fishball, veggies, and also shrimps. Because it’s stir-fried on a wok with charcoal as a source of heat, the smoky flavor is enhanced—both from the aroma and the taste. Yum!

There’s also Kwetiau Kuah or Kwetiau Soup if you’re looking for something else and you can get the no-seafood version too if you want.

One plate of Kwetiau Goreng Seafood costs IDR 30,000. The one without seafood costs IDR 20,000.

Their Nasi Goreng Seafood is Also Recommended!

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A spoonful of pickles is always welcomed…

Their Nasi Goreng Seafood is also quite popular. Different from the Kwetiau, homemade chili sauce is added for a spicy kick. The overall taste isn’t spicy, but you can always request it to be spicier or less.

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the homemade chili sauce

At Kwetiau Akuang, they primarily use Duck Egg instead of Chicken Egg, which gives off more savory and richer taste. You can request them to use the chicken egg if you want to.

Not in Any Food Deliveries Apps? Don’t worry!

We understand that in the current situation, it’s difficult to just go and eat out. Unfortunately, Kwetiau Akuang isn’t available on any delivery apps. But don’t worry ’cause you can order their Kwetiau by giving them a call on their WhatsApp: +628 7769 3691 49.

Kwetiau Goreng Akuang (Halal)

Address: Pagaruyung Street
Operating Hour: 17.30 — 23.00
Price Points ±20rb—30rb
Contact Numbers: 082304717377 (HP) / 087769369149 (WA)

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