Experience new fine dining experience at The Prime Steakhouse, JW Marriott


Hola, guys! I just got back from a fine-dining experience last week and I’m gonna share it with you all.

Price is indeed not very affordable, but you’ll get what you paid for, the food and the atmosphere was excellent. Ohkay, let’s start the story~

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Hawwi Sari Laut, pemain lama sejak zaman Orba.


Hey, anak-anak MaMa, let’s do a simple survey, just reply to this with your comments below ok?
“How old are you guys?” …. errr… okay okay, it’s considered rude to ask someone’s age actually…
Let me change the question, “In what year were you born?”
Well well, it’s ok.., it’s ok.. if you are mind. Forget it.

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Video: Chef At Home – Mr Prawns, homemade prawn noodle

“Chef at Home”, series baru dari MaMa mengangkat ‘local food hero’ yg mengedepankan hasrat dan idealisme dalam mengolah masakannya. Real people, real food, real story.

Di seri perdana ini ada @leo_nelvin, sosok dibalik @mrprawns yang dikenal akan olahan prawn noodle dan yam ricenya.

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