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Here are 3 Seafood Restaurants in 3 Different Price Points!

Here in Medan, Seafood Restaurant refers to a restaurant specializing in serving various seafood dishes—from stir fry, steamed, cooked, even soup kinds. Because of its versatility, Seafood Restaurants are often a family favorite.

Seafood Restaurants gives you more options on the kinds of sea products than you normally encounter. Like the uncommonly seen types of fishes, for example. That’s why Seafood Restaurants tend to deplete your wallet a little.

In this article, we are breaking down 3 different Seafood eateries from 3 different price points: cheap, mid-range, and expensive. Scroll down to find out more!

The Cheapest of the Bunch: Wajir Seafood

Always crowded, especially during late night.

Just so we are clear when I say ‘cheap’, I did not mean wonderfully cheap. It just means that they are the cheaper options that are currently available in Medan.

What makes Wajir Seafood a little special is that they are pretty much the ideal rags-to-riches story, where they started from a small stall on the street then grew into a huge eatery, with 3 shophouses merged together.

Salted Egg Squid, Soft Crab in Black Pepper Sauce, Prawns in Spicy Sauce, and Tom Yam Soup

Now, the varieties of sea products you can find here are pretty ample. They have eels and different kinds of fishes, shellfishes, and even chicken on the list. Each of the produces can be cooked in different ways, which serve as great options.


The price range started from 28K to 100K plus. For some marine products, like fishes, are usually counted based on the weight by kilograms.

We tried their Salted Egg Squid, Soft Crab in Black Pepper Sauce, Prawns in Spicy Sauce, and Tom Yam Soup. All in all, before tax, cost about 150K.

Wajir Seafood (@wajir.seafood)

Address: Jalan Kol Sugiono, No.31
Operating Hours: 15.00-23.00 (Mon-Sat) | 10.00-23.00 (Sunday)
Price points: ±28K-100K+
Contact Number: (061) 4573785

The Mid-Range One: Kepiting Ngamprak

Bagian depan Kepiting Ngamprak

The word ‘Ngamprak’ in Kepiting Ngamprak is a Sundanese word that has the meaning of ‘messy’. So when you come to eat at Kepiting Ngamprak, expect it to be pretty messy.

Whatever you ordered would be poured over a clean sheet of plastic wrap, creating the ‘messy’ scene. Then you’ll be given plastic hand gloves to eat them.

Still delicious, don’t you think?

The options are pretty diverse, with crab being the main focus. Here, they focus on the Crustaceans, which is why you won’t find fish here.

This is how they looked when they are served. We got the 250K ‘saving package’ and add-on the Lobster Jagung.

I mean, rather than using spoon and fork, it’s easier to just pull apart all those hard crustaceans shell with hands, no?


To make it easier for the customers, they have made a couple of packages to choose from: the saving packages and the complete package. Of course, if you come with a small group of 2-3 people, I recommend choosing something from their ‘saving packages’.

And if it’s a big family, why not try their ‘Complete Package’ 😉?

Kepiting Ngamprak Medan (@kepitingngamprakmedan)

Address: Jalan Arteri Ringroad, Komplek OCBC, No.B67/68
Operating Hours: 11.00-22.00
Price points: Paket Hemat ±250rb-500rb
Contact Number: 082269852757

Hawwi Sari Laut

The decor is very simple, nothing much change since the first time they opened. The owner wanted to keep it that way.

Before we move on to talk about this eatery, I just want to share the background of this particular eatery.

It’s one of the legendary Seafood places in Medan because it had been operating since the Orde Baru period (New Order period—1960s-1990s). I don’t exactly know the year, but it was said to have begun around those times.

Hawwi Sari Laut is known for two things: the freshness of their seafood and their price: it’s HELLA EXPENSIVE.

Just steamed.

The popular items here are the crabs and the clams. The popular way to eat them? Steamed.

The clams are served with delicious pineapple peanut sauce that has a tangy and sweet taste.

Hawwi Sari Laut placed a few cages filled with fresh crabs at the eatery, so you can tell their crabs are very fresh. You can also see fresh, clean clams prepared by order. They use Tegillarca Granosa clams, known also as ‘Kerang Darah’ in Indonesia.

Other than these shellfishes, you can also find fishes and stir-fry dishes like Nasi Goreng or stir-fried veggies. Usually, people come here for dinner, so they eat these dishes with rice.

Hawwi Sari Laut (@hawwisarilaut)

Address: Jalan Orion No.81-83
Operating Hours: 11.00-21.00
Price points: ±200K-500K/per person
Contact Number: 061-4523552

Here’s the list for 3 Seafood Houses from cheap to expensive. It’s not easy to say which one is better, because each of the places has a different signature that makes them stand out.

If you want to fill your belly and eat a lot, I would recommend going to Kepiting Ngamprak. If you’re looking to eat the seafood with locals’ flavors, go to Wajir Seafood. But if you want plain, but really fresh seafood, go to Hawwi Sari Laut.

In the end, which one do is your choice?

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