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5 New Hangout Spots That Pop Out During the Pandemic 2020!


A difficult time for everyone, but a new business venture for some

For the past few months, many public areas were shut down, closed off for the first two weeks back in April. But now, half-way through 2020, with people struggling to earn incomes, F&B businesses are starting to open up again, picking up where they had paused, with some even completely starting out a new business from scratch!

We hope with new businesses coming, it could help the unemployment numbers to decrease as well.

In this article, we’ve curated 5 hang out spots in varying degrees—some come with high price tags, some come with no ceiling.

Pilastro Signature


We visited the newest and latest Pilastro branch at Haji Misbah Street. It was the one that had more ‘restaurant’ feel in comparison to the others on the list. I love the expansive coffee bar detail as well as the distance between each table.

With a spacious area for both indoor and outdoor, Pilastro Signature really thought a lot about how to make their place nice and comfortable, especially for people who really mind physical distancing.

Spicy Grilled Beef

If you’ve been to Pilastro, then you probably know that their foods are delicious and that it comes with higher price tags. This time, we tried some of their newest dishes. Some of them really, really blew our mind.

Pilastro Signature

Address: Hj Misbah Street, No.18B
Operating Hours: 10.00 – 21.00
Price Points: 38K-116K
Phone Number: 081365491733 | 082167142039

Blooms Cafe


This coffee shop is perhaps the latest hit in town. Since they first opened up the doors, they’ve been covering numerous foodies’ Instagram pages, making sure we know of their existence.

From the interior design, which was filled with rustic decors like wood elements and warm vintage brown aesthetic, down ’till the menu choices, Bloom screamed ‘Japanese’ to us.

The name ‘Bloom’ was notably taken from the words ‘Blooming Time’ from the coffee brewing method V60. At the same time, it corresponded to the the time when Sakura tree (signifying Japan) ‘blossomed’.

Osaka Okonomiyaki

From the food section, you can experience the taste of Japan by getting their Osaka Okonomiyaki (our fav), their curated Gyudon and Curry options, or Yakisoba. Don’t leave the place without trying out their desserts, like their Japanese Cheesecakes series or Matcha is My Life—a Matcha-oriented dessert.

Blooms Cafe

Address: Kol Sugiono Street No.6
Operating Hours: 10.00 – 20.00 (WEEKDAY) | 09.00 – 21.00 (WEEKEND)
Price Points: 30K-155K



Spearheaded by a well-known food blogger, Kuliner Medan, Dominico received a great deal of media coverage since the beginning. But the eye-catching one isn’t the person behind the scene—but the joyful yellow color coating the main door.

The location for Dominico is on a narrow, small road which can fit exactly two cars. The place itself is quaint and small from the front. But walk to the back, you’ll find yourself in a quiet haven in the middle of the hectic city.

Dominico is 9 part outdoor and 1 part indoor, beverage-making area. With three huge buildings all around it, you can rest assured the sun won’t find you here.

If you’re like me, enjoy outdoors and natural breeze but doesn’t like the sun, then here’s the place for you.

Dominico can’t exactly be called coffee shop because they do not specifically make coffee in a different number of brewing methods, instead priding themselves to be called ‘beverage shop’. I do agree because their beverage options are pretty diverse.

From the left: Orange Juice, Iced Pink Rosella, and Sour Plum

Because it’s outdoor, I recommend getting their refreshing beverages. We got the Iced Pink Rosella, Orange Juice, and Sour Plum last time. Defs a great choice when the tropical heat gets too much.

I just couldn’t help myself! The Korean Strawberry Latte is sweet with hint of sour from the strawberry. It’s pretty filling

You can also find the currently ‘viral‘ Korean Strawberry Latte, which they made using their specially concocted Strawberry jam. Don’t worry if you’re a caffeine addict like me, you still can get your coffee fix here.


Address: Mayang Street No. 4
Operating Hours: 08.00 – 21.00
Price Points: 25K-30K

Cara Seduh

What sets Cara Seduh apart from the rest is the use of ‘Cascara’ as their signature, instead of coffee like most places do.

In case you have no idea what Cascara is, then I’ll tell you the very simplified version of what Cascara is. Cascara is a herbal tea made from dried skins of coffee cherries.

I recommend reading an article about Cascara from Otten Magazine if you want an in-depth understanding of what Cascara is.
The rustic decor that welcomed you would definitely made you feel comfortable.
I ordered the KoSuCa (Kopi susu cascara) & Cascara Tea Pot. Surprisingly the coffee tasted pretty alright.

Cara Seduh puts bits off Cascara in everything they make and they also sell in its rawness; packaged nicely on the shelf next to the cashier counter.

The place itself is small, but with enough distance between tables that it doesn’t feel crowded at all. The decoration is a pretty urban style, a little Penang-like in my opinion.

Cara Seduh

Address: Dazam Raya Street No. 38
Operating Hours: 14.00 – 22.00
Price Points: 25K-55K



In the crowd of up and coming coffee shops, coffee shops with a minimalist design with a touch of rustic style became increasingly popular. Coffee shops like Kallia are many, which is why we chose only one as a representative on the list. Perhaps, if there is enough demand, then we’ll consider writing another one comprising just them.

What caught my eyes from Kallia, despite the commonness it has with a lot of other similar coffee shops, is the simple, asymmetrical architecture design that they accentuate. I love the asymmetric detail from the stone fence that welcomed me.

The wide and spacious outdoor area is perfect for hanging out.

Kallia is comprised of two areas: indoor and outdoor. The indoor area is placed smartly in the middle of the outdoor area, different from most cafe/coffee shop that created outdoors because you know, you got to.

Here, it almost feels like the indoor is the unnecessary part, and only created for the sake of those like me—who can’t stay in the same room with the sun.


You can find limited varieties of Coffees here, and only a couple of light bites to fill you up.


Address: Beo Street No. 39
Operating Hours: 10.00 – 22.00
Price Points: 25K-40K

From these 5 places, which one catches your eyes?


Each of these 5 places has its own pros and cons, with varying areas that they want to emphasize. Like, if you want to hang out and eat at the same time, you can choose either Pilastro or Blooms, because they serve heavy meals.

If you just want to chill and want to save some money, both Dominico and Kallia are great choices. But if you don’t want to sit outdoors and just want a cozy place to sit—maybe get some work done—Cara Seduh is another great option.

So, really, it all goes back down to what your preference. See you all next time!

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  1. Thank you for featuring us ^_^, it is so great to have a superstar food blogger come into our scene. welcome makanmana comeback to Dominico anytimes.

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