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Top 3 Most Memorable Roasted Chicken Rice in Medan

When discussing Chicken Rice, perhaps the first thing that came to your mind would probably be ‘Hainanese Chicken Rice‘ or also known as Singapore’s National Dish. It’s a dish brought along by the Southern Chinese Immigrants known as the ‘Hainan People’. This dish is also known as ‘Wen chang Chicken’ (文昌雞) which was part of the 4 important dishes back in the Qin Dynasty.

The earlier and original version of chicken rice is very simple, consisting of only poached chicken meat glazed with garlic-infused oil served over rice and paired with chili sauce, ginger, garlic, and oyster sauce. But now, we can find numerous side dishes being included in a plate of Chicken Rice.

The meat isn’t served on top of the rice in this picture, but in Medan the meat and rice do come in separate plate.

In Medan, when we think of chicken rice, we think of fragrant steamed rice that has been cooked in soy sauce and other seasonings with roasted chicken instead of Hainan-style poached chicken. There are 3 main points for memorable chicken rice: the meat, the sauce, and the rice itself.

With the legendary stalls in exception, we choose 3 other Chicken Rice stalls that are unforgettable and that you should try. Here we go!

Nasi Ayam Amin (Amin’s Chicken Rice)


Address: AR Hakim Street, No. 27, across Pajak Sukaramai (Sukaramai Market), next to Permata Bank
Operating hour: 7AM—finish

Amin’s Chicken Rice is that one place you visit once then get addicted to. The taste will urge you to keep eating.

What makes their chicken rice memorable, other than the homemade ‘sambal kecap’ or chili soy sauce, is the fragrant rice and stir-fried green beans. In between the rice, you’ll be surprised to find small pieces of minced pork that had been cooked in soy sauce. It gives the salty and sweet flavor that goes well the overall taste.

Nasi Ayam ‘MM’ (Mei Mei’s Chicken Rice)


Address: Komplek Asia Mega Mas
Operating Hour: 10AM—6PM

Right off the bat, the deep brown color coating the rice made its way to our eyes. The color made the rice looked a bit like fried rice. However, once you put it into your mouth, that familiar taste of flavorful chicken rice will hit you right away—and remind you it’s not fried rice.

The rice itself is fluffy and not sticky. It paired perfectly with the sambal kentang (fried diced potato coated in spicy sauce), pork jerky, soy sauce egg, and 1/4 chicken (choose either the thigh or breast).

You could find Roasted Pork Rice here too!

Nasi Ayam Asek (Asek’s Chicken Rice)


Address: Sei Kera Street (across Es Campur Amo)
Operating hour: 11.00 PM – sold out

Located in one of the busiest food centers in Medan, Asek’s Chicken Rice managed to make its own name well-known around the town just in 8 years. It is a pretty amazing feat when compared to some legendary chicken rice stalls that had been around for decades.

The defining point that made Asek’s Chicken Rice memorable, in our opinion, is on the chicken’s glaze that looked like honey at first glance. It’s not honey, but an oyster sauce. It is both sweet and umami. To help balance the sweetness, a dash of fried garlic is sprinkled on top of the chicken.

In comparison, the rice has a mild taste. However, it does make the roasted chicken shine a lot more.

FYI, this is the only #halal stall on the lists.

What is YOUR most memorable Chicken Rice stall?

Despite numerous delicious chicken rice stalls all around town, there’s always one taste that you can’t forget. Most of the time it’s something you’ve eaten since young. But really, how many chicken rice stalls you can’t forget in this lifetime?

7 thoughts on “Top 3 Most Memorable Roasted Chicken Rice in Medan”

  1. u guys forgot the most wanted nasi ayam in elite places (nasi ayam istimewa) behind the sun plaza

  2. Christine Jillian

    There’s one in a stall called ‘RM Ahiang’ located in Pasar Beruang you can try. The sauce can be a little sweet, but it’s pretty tasty.

  3. Thanks Christine. A very informative article. Can’t wait to dine at these places.

    May I know if you know any good places to eat ‘Nasi Tim Ayam’ in Medan?

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