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4 Famous Nasi Goreng That Will Satisfy Your Late Night Craving!


Without a doubt, Nasi Goreng is a staple food for Indonesians, and even though it is full of carbs, people enjoy eating them late at night. That is why most Nasi Goreng stall all around Medan lights up only after 6 o’clock in the afternoon.

It’s everywhere—on the street, in a shophouse, and in restaurants. But the favorites? The ones on the street! These outlets are the building blocks of Medan’s culinary scene, especially at night time.

You can’t deny—the smell of aromatic fried rice, topped with fried shallots and a fried egg, all these guilty pleasures definitely will lure you in! So here are four Nasi Goreng spots you should visit when the late-night craving hits!

Nasi Goreng Semalam Suntuk


Address: Jalan Brigjend Katamso, across Istana Maimun, next to Perpustakaan Daerah
Operating Hour: 19.00-late at night

Nasi Goreng Semalam Suntuk sells fried rice with aromatic seasoning that is commonly used in Padang, hence the spicy undertones that come from their fried rice. Not only spicy, but it is also savory.

In Medan, not only Nasi Padang (sort of like economy rice, but Padang style) is famous, but Nasi Goreng is also a favorite. That’s why most of the foods here are spicy, the people can’t live without spice!

The Nasi Goreng here is spicy and savory; the kind of spicy that makes your mouth waters but unable to stop moving.

Nasi Goreng Pandu


Address: Brigjen Katamso Street, (Kampung Baru area)
Operating Hour: 18.30-01.00

Here’s another stall that sells Nasi Goreng Padang-style. Filled with spices, each bite gives you a tingling sensation that keeps you going for more.

It is located on the street, specifically on a sidewalk, and only opens at night. We mostly came here for late-night bites. When you order the Nasi Goreng, they will bring you along with the additional fried rice (if you eat it then you pay for it). Also, you can request for additional fried egg too!

Nasi Goreng Kolong

Address: Brigjen Katamso Street, across SPBU Pelangi
Operating Hour: 17.00-23.00

This particular stall in the shophouse is actually a newbie in terms of recognition. The owner worked in Malaysia for a few years before, and sold food underneath a bridge, hence why they named their stall ‘Kolong’.

Here, you can find a variety of Nasi Goreng commonly found in Malaysia, such as Nasi Goreng Kampung, Nasi Goreng Pattaya, as well as Nasi Goreng USA. It is a great alternative for a city filled with Nasi Goreng Padang style!

Psst, they also sell Tom Yam Soup and Cap Chai!

Nasi Goreng Istana


Address: Brigjend Katamso Street, at the 4-way intersection, across ACE Hardware Store
Operating Hour: 16.30PM-01.00AM

It comes as no surprise that the fourth Nasi Goreng that made it to the list also has a heavy seasoning that comes from Padang.

In Medan, you will find that most of the foods in the culinary scene have a strong flavor and ‘heat kick’ because that’s the kind of flavor the general people enjoy.

A spoonful is not enough!

No matter how strong your resolution to keep your diet light, faced with a plate of delicious Nasi Goreng with a strong aroma and full of spices, you can never win against it. You’re welcome to try though!

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