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100 Must Eat Local Street Food in Medan 2020!

Versi Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca disini: 100 Kuliner Medan Wajib Coba 2020, Semuanya ENAK!

Alternatively, here’s 30 Halal Foods YOU CAN’T MISS when you visit Medan!

Are you thinking of visiting Medan? Come take a look on our Food Guide list!

Before we move on, let’s get to know about this city

source: Wikipedia

Walk through the historical places in Medan, from a Chinese Socialite heritage Tjong A Fie Mansion to an architectural wonder that implemented Malay, Italian, Spain, and Indian touch Istana Maimum; the archaic area of Kesawan District that still has some resemblance of how Medan looked like decades ago to the hustling bustling Little India at K.H Zainul Arifin Street.

From roadside, traditional food cart to a lavish eatery, savour each dish with your five senses; sight, smell, taste, touch and sound.

The diversity of races and the colonisation period of Indonesia had shaped the way Indonesia is right now. As the food haven of Indonesia, experience Medan through the culinary scene and taste the various local delicacy and street food in Medan, the best way possible.

An overview of how the restaurants in Medan operates, take note that the operating hour for each eatery we list down below differ from each other. But don’t worry, we’ve put them in categories in which they are usually preferred to be eaten (or when the locals usually eat them). So do make sure you check the time before making your itinerary!

To make it easier to roam around, Click here to save this Google Maps list of local street food we have personally curated for you!

Start your journey with some of the oldies but the goodies


To start this list off, I’ll explain briefly what Bakmi is. A type of noodles that are generally on the springy side and topped with veggies and meat (which depending on the eatery would differ) and served with a bowl of small soup on the side. You will find similar dishes in different names, but they are more or less the same. (Read here to know more)

1. Bakmi Hock Seng

bakmi hock seng
Topped with plenty ingredients such as fish balls, shrimps, boiled egg in soy sauce, fish cakes, meat and veggies.

Operating since 1932, Bakmi Hock Seng had been consistent with their taste and is never stingy with the ingredients. With generous toppings and delicious noodles, it is no wonder they are still one of the locals’ penchant for breakfast!

Bakmi Hock Seng

Address: No. 17, Gwangju Street
Operating Hour: 06.30 AM – 13.00 PM

2. Bakmi Khek Selat Panjang

bakmie khek selat panjang

Embarking on a food journey in Medan is definitely not easy and to be able to last for so long takes some skill too. Founded in 1968, this stall has been a morning favourite with its simple ingredients and homemade noodles. Of course, the plentiful fried pork lard is probably the reason I’m always coming back for more.

bakmi khek selat panjang kuliner medan
Topped with minced chicken and fried pork fat.

Bakmi Khek Selat Panjang

Address: No.5, Selat Panjang Street, Ps. Baru
Operating Hour: 06.00 AM – 11.30 AM

3. Bakmi Shanghai

bakmi shanghai kuliner medan
Similar to Mie Pangsit, but this one is called Bakmi as well.

Said to have been taught by a Chef coming straight from Shanghai, the owner of Bakmi Shanghai made his noodles fresh every single day. Not chewy and smooth as Bakmi Khek, this noodle shop could be your breakfast option for a light taste.

bakmi shanghai kuliner medan

Bakmi Shanghai

Address: No.51, Dazam Raya Street, Centre Petisah
Operating Hour: 6.00 AM – 12.00 PM (closed on Monday)

4. Bihun Bebek Akien

bihun bebek akien

Bihun (or Beehoon) is a type of noodle that is made from rice flour and is usually very thin. When cooked, it almost becomes translucent in color. To the locals, Bihun Bebek is usually known as Bihun served in Duck (Bebek) broth. It’s a hearty meal that most people deemed to have nutritional value.

bihun bebek akien duck beehoon kuliner medan
Thin rice noodles topped with duck meat and fish balls.

Here you can find two types of Bihun Bebek: dry and wet version. We recommend getting the dry version one (unless you like soupy ones) just because the Bihun itself has already been mix with sesame oil, making it fragrant enough. 

Bihun Bebek Akien

Address: No. 101R, Sekip Indah Complex
Operating Hour: 07.00 AM – 13.00 PM
07.00 AM – 11.00 AM (on Sunday)

5. Bihun Bebek Asie Kumango

There are couple of ways to make Beehoon Duck soup: use only the duck meat in the soup or add herbal mix into the broth. More stalls use herbal mix because 1) it’s less expensive and 2) Duck has a gamey smell that is not easy to get rid of. Bihun Bebek Asie Kumango is known to use only Duck to make their broth; so could you imagine how intense and rich their soup is? The price may be quite pricey but you’ll see that it’s worth it.

bihun bebek asie duck beehoon kumango

Bihun Bebek Asie Kumango

Address: No. 15, Kumango Street, Kesawan
Operating Hour: 07.00 AM – 11.00 AM (closed on Sunday)

6. Kari Bihun Tabona

kari bihun tabona

To say this Tabona Kari Bihun owns the best curry stall in Medan is not an overstatement. Known also as one of the most legendaries stall in Medan — this is a place you can’t miss!

kari bihun curry beehoon tabona
One word: Foodgasm.

A balance ratio of the ingredients creates a perfect curry — not too watery nor oily yet also not too creamy like most curries. To get a bowl of this heavenly perfection, you probably should go a little early.

Kari Bihun Tabona

Address: No. 17, Mangkubumi Street
Operating Hour: 06.30 AM – 16.30 PM

7. Kedai Kopi Apek

kedai kopi apek coffee shop kuliner medan

Graced with a traditional outlook and an even more old-fashioned furniture, it is truly a place to imagine how Medan had been like back in the olden days. While sitting in a cramped space near the window, enjoy a glass of their Kopi Susu Dingin (Iced Coffee Latte) which is what they are known for while getting a plate of toast for breakfast. (However, the price might be a tad too pricy for a cup of coffee — at least for the locals).

Kedai Kopi Apek

Address: No. 110, Hindu Street, Kesawan
Operating hour: 06.00 AM – 14.00 PM
06.00 AM – 11.30 AM (on Sunday)

8. Kedai Nasi Ayin

kedai nasi ayin

Deep into the root of Indonesia’s culinary history, Lontong is a timeless dish that used to be a classic Betawi dish. Colonisation leads to cultural assimilation. Nowadays, you won’t be surprised to find Lontong (a compressed rice dish wrapped in banana leaf and shaped into cylinder form that is poached) with other culture’s touch in the flavour.

lontong kedai nasi ayin kuliner medan
Lontong served with jackfruit leaf, tauco, potato chips, sambal potato, long beans as well as cabai merah (red chili, usually already made into paste).

One of the notable thing about this particular Lontong in this stall is the gravy, which is made without coconut milk.

Author’s Note: Most Indonesian foods are made with coconut milk especially the gravy ones.

Kedai Nasi Ayin

Address: Teuku Umar Street, Centre Petisah
Operating Hour: 06.30 AM – 15.30 PM (closed on Sunday)

9. Mie Ayam Waringin

mie ayam waringin chicken noodle kuliner medan
Homemade noodles with shredded chicken and veggies.

Don’t judge the book from its cover, this bowl of noodle is pretty tasty.

The presentation may look very simple; with shredded boiled chicken and some veggies but its beauty lies in the flavour. It is a humble dish with homemade noodles that may be suitable after a morning exercise.

mie ayam waringin chicken noodle kuliner medan

Mie Ayam Waringin

Address: No. 7, Waringin Street, Sekip
Operating Hour: 07.00 AM – 12.00 PM

10. Mie Bagan

mie bagan madong lubis

One of things that makes Mie Bagan different from the other noodle eateries is that it’s supposedly eaten (by the Bagan people) only by using vinegar and chopped Chili with no soup. Of course, they’ll still give you the soup so it’s optional if you want to try the Bagan way or the usual way of pouring the soup into your noodle bowl.

mie bagan madong lubis kuliner medan
Topped with sliced pork, shrimp crackers, veggies and fried shallot.

Mie Bagan

Address: No.48, Madong Lubis Street, Pandau Hulu I
Operating Hour: 06.00 am – 12.00 PM

11. Mie Hokkien Amei

mie hokkien amei kuliner medan
Mie Tiga Rasa (filled with all the ingredients to the brim)

Since 1989 they had been selling noodles yet they still able to conserve the original, oriental taste. Mie Hokkien Amie that is also know as Mie Lebong is similar to spaghetti in its yellow colour and thicker consistency than most noodles in Indonesia. A hint for you: the best part of this bowl is the shrimp — whether it’s the shrimp balls, shrimp cakes, or just the plain boiled whole shrimp.

mie hokkien amei mie lebong

Amei Mie Lebong

Address: No. 3, Lebong Street, Sei Rengas I
Operating Hour: 06.00 AM – 14.30 PM

12. Mie Pangsit Akun

mie pangsit akun

A place I used to go to enjoy a bowl of Mie Pangsit, Akun’s noodle shop is one of the best you can find in Medan. With a broth that is inclined to the saltier side, the soup could be quite addictive, especially when all you want is to slurp the whole dish away!

mie pangsit akun wonton noodle kuliner medan
Topped with minced pork and thinly sliced chasiu as well as dumpling.

Mie Pangsit Akun

Address: No. 11, Wahidin Street, Pandau Hulu I
Operating Hour: 07.00 AM – 13.30 PM | 18.00 – 22.30 PM (closed on Monday)

13. Mie Pangsit Aon

mie pangsit aon

The kitchen had been producing delicious, homemade noodles since 1967 with recipes from the owner’s Grandfather. Hailing from a two-hour away city outside Medan, this eatery is a branch from the main joint in Siantar.

mie pangsit aon wonton noodle kuliner medan
Add the pickled chilis — it’s a must!

This place is clean and air-conditioned, so it is a great choice if you want to enjoy your food in a comfortable setting. Get the Kopi Susu (Latte) as well if you like that thick and rich flavour.

Mie Pangsit Aon Siantar

Address: No. 78, Jose Rizal Street
Operating Hour: 06.30 am – 17.00 PM

14. Nasi Ayam Amin

nasi ayam amin

This rice stall that has been operating for more than 40 years, serves rice with shredded chicken, minced pork, cucumber, boiled egg and fried shallot is a one of our writer’s favourite and he swore by this stall.

Rice is a basic staple for the people in Asia, so many rice stalls are spread across the city.

nasi ayam amin chicken rice kuliner medan
HOW TO ENJOY THE DISH: Mix everything together and spoon one mouthful!

The sweet and savoury sambal kecap is the favourite here, as well as the aromatic rice and well-seasoned long beans. Make sure you get a bowl of their Mie Pangsit as well which is infused with bold pork aroma (in the soup).

Check out their Video Review at

Nasi Ayam Amin

Address: Arief Rahman Hakim Street, Sukaramai I
Operating Hour: 06.00 AM – 11.00 AM

If you find any rice dish that had you choosing the side dishes, think of them as mix rice.

15. Nasi Gurih Nusa Indah

nasi gurih nusa indah

Nasi Gurih is also known as ‘Nasi Lemak’ which is also popular in Malaysia.

Steamed in coconut milk, the rice itself emit a savoury fragrant, distinctive of coconut smell. This joint has been operating for 30 years, with a classic ‘deng deng’ or meat jerky, sambal and veggies plated with the rice.

nasi gurih nasi lemak nusa indah kuliner medan
Nasi Gurih Rendang Sapi

This particular Nasi Gurih has a touch of Minangkabau influence that comes in the form of meat jerky, different from the basic Nasi Gurih that is served commonly only with egg (that’s the basic version but usually you can add-on more ingredients, catered according to the customer’s taste).

Rumah Makan Nusa Indah

Address: Palang Merah Street (across NAV Karaoke)
Operating Hour: 06.30 am – 13.00 PM

16. Nasi Lemak Aceh Gurih Pasar Beruang

The easiest way to get to know more about the city you are travelling in is by stepping into the traditional morning market. Unlike Farmer’s Market that tends to pop up on certain day, traditional morning market opens only in the morning (usually only on weekdays and some open on weekend too).

Walk through a small road of Pajak Beruang and check out the tropical fruits and local delicacy. Don’t forget to take-away the Nasi Lemak Aceh while you’re at it!

Nasi Lemak Aceh Pasar Beruang

Address: Beruang Street, Pandau Hulu I
Operating Hour: 06.00 AM – 11.00 PM

17. Soto Babi Aheng/Aseng

soto babi aseng/aheng pork soto kuliner medan
More on the mild taste with lighter spices and less condensed soup.

Made commonly with coconut milk, chicken/cow stock and turmeric (to get that yellow colour), Soto has milky taste in general. The spices and herbs in the broth make it a mouth-watering piece of art. What makes this Soto place on the list is because they make the broth using pork — and we can’t say no, really.

They have been reviewed in our last year chengbeng list:

soto babi aheng

Soto Babi Aheng/Aseng

Address: Asia Street, at the corner of Lahat Street
Operating Hour: 07.00 AM – 12.00 PM

18. Soto Kesawan

soto kesawan kuliner medan
This is what you call ‘the cherry on top’

Located right across the cultural heritage mansion Tjong A Fie in Medan, this place is perfect to start your morning with before going to explore the city. They have three different types of ingredients you choose to accompany your Soto with, ranging from chicken, cow, and shrimp; or just have them all in the bowl!

soto kesawan

Soto Kesawan

Address: Ahmad Yani Street, Kesawan
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 14.00 PM

19. Soto Sinar Pagi

soto sinar pagi kuliner medan

Commencing in a small street in 1953/1954, Soto Sinar Pagi has indeed grown into a household name that you can’t miss when you come to Medan. They moved to the current street in 1966 and have never moved since then! Although this place is not easy to find — right at an intersection with half of its joint is covered by the building across it, the servers just never stop moving.

I would suggest to get their Beef Soto with the lungs and eat the add-on Perkedel as well. Get Grab or Go-Jek (like Uber) to get here if you’d like too.

soto sinar pagi
Beef Soto with lungs parts.

Soto Sinar Pagi

Address: No. 2D/1, Sei Deli Street, Medan
Operating Hour: 07.00 AM – 15.00 PM (approximately)


After a generous breakfast, it’s time for scrumptious lunch!

20. Nasi Babi Agu

nasi babi agu siobak pui

As a city with diverse culture, you will find a majority of Chinese delicacy here as well. The foods have been tweaked to fit the Medanese’s taste, so most of them would taste sweet, salty and savoury.

agu siobak pui nasi babi agu grilled pork rice kuliner medan
The white ones are Sio Bak; the red ones in the middle are Lap Chiong while the red ones on the right side are Chasio.

Using Hokkien dialect from the Chinese minorities to form its eatery’s name, Agu is the name of the owner while Sio Bak Pui means rice with pork belly (sio bak = pork belly, pui = rice). The standard serving here is rice with Sio Bak, Chasio, and Lap Chiong.

On the side of this pork rice dish, a Kiam Chai or sour veggies soup is served along.

Agu Sio Bak Pui (Nasi Babi Agu)

Address: No. 8B, Dagan Street, Sekip
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 17.30 PM

21. Bakso Sapi Amat

bakso sapi amat beef meatball kuliner medan
Look at them — meatballs!

A staple Indonesian dish that has Chinese influence.

My knowledge on meatballs goes beyond those that are drenched in Marinara or those served in IKEA (good ones those are). Cooked in a meat broth, meatballs or “Bakso” as it is called in Bahasa — and according to Wikipedia, ‘Bakso’ is taken from the Hokkien’s language where ‘Bah” – “so” literally means ‘minced meat’ — is commonly served with noodles such as yellow noodles, Indomie, Bihun, and Kwetiau.

Bakso Amat

Address: No. 112, Ir. H. Juanda Baru Street, Hamdan
Operating Hour: 12.00 PM – 22.00 PM (closed on Friday)

22. Bakso Sapi Surabaya / Orion

bakso sapi surabaya

Step aside, the soup is coming through! It is no doubt that to retain your eatery joint for a long time, your main hero should be your main dish. Though it might not be the case for this Bakso joint, the soup is sort of the spotlight of the dish (as our head department said). That being said, the meatballs itself are amazing, but the broth — it wins.

bakso sapi surabaya / orion beef meatball kuliner medan

Bakso Sapi Gu Bak Wan

Address: No. 49, Surabaya Street
Operating Hour: 12.00 PM – 17.30 PM

23. Belut Mbak Sherly

belut mbak sherly kuliner medan
Eels Day!

A hidden gem lost in the suburban, that is how I would describe this place. Although famous, this place is located far from the city and difficult to reach.

belut mbak sherly
See this board and you’re in the right place!

You have to drive through a long, narrow road before reaching to an alley where this eel place is at. If you do go, you have to try their Belut (Eel) Cabe Ijo as well as Belut Cabe Merah.

Just a caution: they’re spicy and bony!

Kedai Belut Mbak Sherly

Address: No. 59, Pringgan Street
Opening Hour: 11.00 AM -16.00 PM (closed on Friday)

24. Chasio Afoek 88

chasio afoek 88 grilled pork kuliner medan
Front in focus: Chasio, at the back is Siobak.

Having been passed through three generation, the skill of working with pork meat and fire can truly make you rediscover that a delicious meal often comes from the most primitive method.

chasio afoek 88 grilled pork

By the grace skill of controlling the fire and temperature, the Chasio has a nice sheen on the skin as well as perfectly burnt crisp on its end. How we know it? When the burnt part does not taste too bitter — that’s when.

chasio afoek 88

Chasio Afoek 88

Address: No. 148, Bridgjen Katamso Street
Operating Hour: 09.30 AM – 17.00 PM

25. Chasio Asan

chasio asan grilled pork kuliner medan

Leading the Honey Grilled Pork mass is Chasio Asan. Recognised as having the best Chasio in town, Chasio Asan is another household name that is spread across the city. With perfectly honey coated and grilled Chasio, it is no wonder that this place is always crowded. An amazing weekday is when you have them meats on your plate.

Author’s note: You have to queue on Sunday so preferably visit this place on a weekday.

Chasio Asan

Address: No. 123, Sun Yat Sen Street, Sei Rengas I
Operating hour: 09:30 AM – 15.00 PM

26. Gumarang Jaya

gumarang jaya kuliner medan
The owner is a friendly person so just say hi if you walk in (not when he’s attending people though).

Founded in 1966, this restaurant sells Minang Cuisine or also known as Padang Cuisine. Traditionally, you’ll be served a number of cuisines right on the table — you pay what you eat so don’t be surprised if they charge you a lot if you finish everything on the table.

However, a more popular dining experience has emerged and all you have to do is get what you want wrapped up in the banana leaf and eat on the spot. The banana leaf fragrant that is used to wrap the rice will definitely add more aroma as well.

Gumarang Jaya

Address: No. 27/29, Bridjend Katamso Street
Operating hour: 09.00 AM – 21.00 PM

27. Laksa Yose Rizal

laksa yose rizal kuliner medan
Slight sour soup with chili and red onion give Laksa a fresh taste.

Though most Medanese cuisines incline toward the sweet and salty taste, it is not difficult to find a sour dish on the list. Popular throughout Southeast Asia, Laksa is a Peranakan Cuisine that is cooked in spicy broth that could be either rich or creamy, depending on the restaurant.

Laksa Yoserizal

Address: No. 80A/146, Yose Rizal Street, Sei Rengas I
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 18.30 PM (closed on Monday)

28. Mie Sop Methodist

mie sop methodist

The fundamental of Indonesian food is truly in the travelling food cart you find on the street. Despite having lots of customers, this stall still operates in a cart with a few tables and a tent for customers who want to eat on the spot. The taste is undeniably good but if you’re asking us if it’s clean? Uh, probably no.

mie sop methodist kuliner medan
Filled to the brim are Beef Bakso with shredded Beef meat.

Mie Sop Methodist

Address: No. 17, Hang Tuah, Madras Hulu

29. Ondo

ondo grill batak

With a touch of Korean’s flavour in the kitchen, Ondo brings a twist in Bataknese’s generic grilled pork. On the menu, they serve Batak-style grilled pork along with Korean-style grilled ribs, such as Kalbi Saos Ondo, which we recommend you to try.

ondo batak grill kuliner medan makanmana
Our menu that one fine day :d
ondo grill batak
Our favourite is this Kalbi Saus Ondo!

Ondo Grill Batak

Address: No. 45, Pabrik Tenun Street, Sei Putih Tengah
Operating Hour: 10.30 AM – 17.00 PM

30. RM Bintang Bawal

steamed pomfret at RM Bintang Bawal kuliner medan, makanmana
Steamed Pomfret, the one you should really order.

Try eating home-cooked dishes filled with special touch of Chinese heritage in Bintang Bawal Restaurant. Relying only with taste and love from the cooking process, the dishes do not just appease your stomach but your soul too.

RM Bintang Bawal

Address: No. 15B, Taruma Street, Centre Petisah
Operating Hour: 11.00 AM – 21.00 PM

31. RM Marikena

ayam cipera makanmana marikena kuliner medan
Ayam Cipera’s gravy is made from corn not coconut milk.

Even with the numerous eateries that sell pork dishes, the number of eateries that cater to Halal food (or non-pork) is also as many. One of them is Marikena, which is a Bataknese Restaurant that sells Halal food. It is unique considering that most Batak Restaurant focuses on grilled pork.

And to our surprise, all the dishes on the menu is delicioso!

rumah makan islam marikena
‘Marikena’ means ‘Let’s eat!’ in Batak dialect.

Do take a trip downtown to enjoy this halal meal — it’s worth your time.

RM Marikena

Address: No. 94, Jamin Ginting Street, Kwala Bekala
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 21.00 PM

32. RM Pondok Gurih

rm nasi padang pondok gurih medan makanmana
Padang restaurant dining style – everything is brought out on the table.

Just a few blocks away from Gumarang Jaya, another well-known Padang-style restaurant is smacked right on the middle. Famous for their Gulai Kepala Ikan, the sweet, savoury and meaty fish melts in your mouth. Boiled in a gravy made of coconut milk, the fish head soaks up all the flavours — and a good fish head is one that does not have fishy smell, so you see why this place is on the recommendation list.

Too famous that it is a pain worth feeling while waiting for the food here during lunch time!

rm nasi padang pondok gurih

RM Pondok Gurih

Address: No.33A, Bridgjen Katamso Street
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 21.00 PM

33. RM Sipirok

rm sipirok tulang sum sum bone soup medan makanmana kuliner medan
A bone-marrow soup that is enjoyed by slurping the soup inside the bone with a straw.

This special dish called Sup Sum Sum from Sipirok sub-district from South Tapanuli as well as a favourite dish in North Sumatra is the restaurant’s signature dish. Using a big size bone marrow for the soup, we usually enjoy the bone by slurping the soup inside the bone through a straw.

rm sop sumsum sipirok

RM Sipirok

Address: No.14, Sunggal Street, Sei Sikambing
Operating Hour: 10.30 AM – 15.00 PM

34. RM Uda Sayang

rm nasi padang uda sayang medan makanmana kuliner medan
RM Uda Sayang’s Menu

Try their Cabe Dendeng, a classic Minangkabau dish

A classic way to enjoy Padang-style course is by letting the waiter lays down all the dishes on the table. Consume the foods through your sight first before taking a whiff of those delectable scent in the air. The beauty of Padang/Minangkabau course is that no matter what you take to your plate, all of them will blend together creating the most complex taste in your mouth that all you could do is say, “Wow.”

rm nasi padang uda sayang

RM Uda Sayang

Address: Pusat Pasar, Pusat Ps.
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 21.45 PM

35. Saksang Asan

saksang asan makanmana kuliner medan
From left to right: Daun Ubi & Saksang

Another menu for lunch for you pork eater is Saksang (chopped pork that is stewed in blood, coconut milk and spices). The taste itself leans toward savoury and zesty, making the flavour more complex.

Saksang Asan Goreng

Address: Wahidin Street, Pandau Hulu I
Opening Hour: 10.30 AM – 15.00 PM (closed on Monday)

36. Siobak Kiong

siobak kiong grilled pork medan makanmana kuliner medan
Chasio, Siobak, and egg boiled in soy sauce.

A bit more further from the city, you would find another grilled pork joint that is also quite popular. Opens at 9 in the morning, this stall usually closes even before 12 o’clock. Their Siobak, the white pork belly, is smokey and crispy, which tells me why it’s famous.

siobak kiong

For you information, the process of making Siobak is extremely difficult because if it is not cooked properly you will end up with a tough meat to chew on.

Siobak Kiong

Address: Berlian Sari Street (before RM Gek Lan)
Operating Hour: 09.30 AM – 02.00 AM (closed on Monday)

37. Siok Noodle House

siok bihun ikan noodle house

As a specialty house serving Fish Head Noodle, to enjoy this noodle you have to compete with time. If you’re late, then you’ll miss the noodles. However, they do offer another menus, which we think is as good; Beef Noodle and Wan Tan Mee.

fish head noodle soup siok noodle house medan makanmana kuliner medan

Siok Noodle House

Address: No. 8a, Batu Bara, Sei Rengas II
Operating Hour: 12.00 PM – 20.30 PM (closed on Sunday and Monday)

38. Sop Lembu Kenari

sop lembu kenari ox soup medan kuliner medan makanmana
How it look from across the street

Located at the intersection of Kenari Street and Waringin Street, this obscure place could be said pretty popular. The fame came from its main menu, Sop Lembu (Ox soup) that has savoury and rich flavour. The place is also quite crowded during lunch, so preferably drop by after or before lunchtime.

Sop Lembu Kenari

Address: Kenari Street, Sekip
Operating Hour: 11.00 AM – 16.00 PM (close on Sunday)

39. Tau Kua He Ci

tau kua he ci sunggal medan makanmana kuliner medan
Drenched in tomatoey sauce are shrimp crackers, bean sprouts, tofu and veggies.

This place brings back childhood memory — for me

My memory about this place came probably from more than ten years ago — at that time, this place had already become a living legend. Serving a unique dish composed by shrimp crackers, vegetables and topped with tomato, gooey gravy, this dish brings out a sweet and sour taste that is notable in Chinese cuisines. A bit far from the city, but the trip will be worth it — hopefully.

Author’s note: Some people may think of this as a snack because there is no carbs in the dish

tau kua he ci sunggal
This is how it looks, you shouldn’t miss it.

Tau Kua He Ci

Address: Bakul Street, Sunggal
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 18.00 PM

40. Warung Nasi Cabe Ijo

warung nasi cabe ijo makanmana kuliner medan
Fried Snapper

This used to be no-name stall next to a restaurant called Tong’s Soya Bean has been operating since the 70s. They only sell fried fish (pomfret and snapper fish) but the customers would rather wait for them to fry the next batch of fish than leave when the current batch is finished. Kinda speak for the taste itself, ey?

warung nasi cabe ijo
This place is not far from Little India, a little bit of walking would do. Find that blue advertisement banner and you’re a the right place.

Warung Nasi Cabe Ijo (Fried Fish Specialty Stall)

Address: No. 11, Kejaksaan Street (Next to Tong’s Soya Bean)
Operating hour: 08.00 AM -18.00 PM


It’s time to see what the night street has to offer

41. Ationg Penang HorFan

ationg penang horfan
Moved to Medan only around 10 years ago, the rest of the experience was spent in Penang.

HorFan is something similar to Kwetiau but has a wider and thinner composition. It is served in a white, sticky gravy that taste usually on the salty side. The chef/owner moved from Penang, Malaysia which is why he called his stall Penang HorFan. It’s situated in the area known as ‘China Town’ in Medan. The surrounding area usually only sells food at night, so you may already find one of the few places for dinner.

horfan medan makanmana kuliner medan
Thick, condensed gravy with eggs and other ingredients.

Ationg Penang Hor Fan

Address: Asia Mega Mas (proclaimed as China Town in Medan)
Operating Hour: 16.00 PM – 22.00 PM (closed on Tuesday)

42. Bihun Kepala Ikan Kotacane

bihun kepala ikan fish head beehoon kotacane

Kotacane is one of Medan’s culinary heritage spots that had been there since 1919 and is still being crowded by people. You can find a few unique dishes here such as fried frog. However, the notable one is the Fish Head Beehoon (Bihun Kepala Ikan). So if you do plan to come here, make sure you’re here after six because that’s when the hustle bustle happens.

Fish head beehon kotacane medan kuliner medan makanmana
Fish Head Beehoon

Bihun Kepala Kotacane

Address: Kotacane Street at tbe Yose Rizal intersection.
Opening Hour: 18.00 PM – 23.30 PM

43. Kwetiau Cong Mei

kwetiau koay teow cong mei medan makanmana kuliner medan
The angle is a bit crooked — but the taste is not.

Loaded with Kwetiau Goreng stalls all over the city only increase the competition in making a better, more delicious Kwetiau Goreng. Right in the intersection at Kedai Kopi Kurnia, Kwetiau Cong Mei that has operated for more than 38 years snuggled right there. With bountiful ingredients and flavourful seasoning, this plate of stir-fried noodles is sufficient to satisfy your night craving.

kwetiau cong mei

Kwetiau Goreng Cong Mei

Address: Perdana Street, at the Perdana Street intersection.
Operating Hour: 19.00 PM – 23.00 PM

44. Kwetiau Ong

kwetiau kway teow ong makanmana medan kuliner
Kwetiau Goreng

With a family recipe in hand and consistency in the flavour, it’s no wonder that this place is still one of our favourite’s (as well as a place we bring our friends from abroad to).

kwetiau ong you huat makanmana kuliner medan
The owner is cooking

Kwetiau Ong

Address: S. Parman Street, Centre Petisah
Operating Hour: 17.00 PM – 22.00 PM

45. Kwetiau Pek Mo

kwetiau pek mo

Located along other famous stalls at S. Parman street, the distinct feature of this place does not lie on the food but the owner’s white hair, which also where the named ‘Pek Mo’ derived from. It’s a Hokkien dialect saying white hair, literally.

kwetiau pek mo kuliner medan makanmana
Here is the owner / chef with his notable white hair.

Now, almost 14 years after stir-frying noodles, the owner is still able to create the same flavour he did a decade ago. That’s some persistence and diligence right there.

kwetiau koay teow pek mo makanmana kuliner medan
Perfection — the meat is just right, the shrimp is beautifully red, and the noodles — not greasy!

Kwetiau Goreng Pek Mo

Address: Petisah Tengah, Medan Petisah
Operating Hour: 18.00 PM – 22.00 PM (closed on Monday)

46. Mie Aceh Titi Brok

mie aceh titi bobrok kuliner medan makanmana
Personally, I find their Mie Aceh really good but spicy as well.

Locally known as the only place to eat good Mie Aceh (or the one that would pop up into our mind when talking about Mie Aceh), this place is always crowded with people. Located at Setia Budi area that is filled with many Aceh people, the authenticity of this noodle could not be questioned. Give this noodle a try — could be a break from all the other noodles that may look similar to each other.

mie aceh titi bobrok medan makanmana kuliner medan
source: Isti ( / @yunisriabdi

Mie Aceh Titi Bobrok

Address: Setiabudi Street, near Titi Bobrok
Operating Hour: 11.00 AM – 22.00 PM
14.00 PM – 22.00 PM (on Friday)

47. Mie Kangkung Belacan Alien

mie kangkung belacan alien
The lady who makes it all happened.

Kangkung , known also as ‘water spinach’ is a vegetable used in many Indonesian cuisines. One of its more famous version is by stir-frying it with Belacan (a kind of spicy shrimp paste) which, other than giving it a very fragrant smell, also brings forward an wonderful flavour. Whether it’s rice or noodles, when it’s cooked along Kangkung Belacan, it enhances the dish in the process.

mie kangkung belacan water spinach fried noodle alien makanmana kuliner medan
Mie Kangkung Belacan

Kwetiau Alien

Address: Asia Street at the intersection with Bakaran Batu (across the huge BCA Bank)
Operating Hour: 18.00 PM – 21.30 PM

48. Mie Tiongsim

mie tiongsim makanmana kuliner medan
Mie Tiongsim

When you’re exploring Medan, you really should not miss this place. Famous throughout the city, this place serves one of the best noodles in town. Since 1933, this place has made a lot of loyal customers (and still growing in number!), which speaks itself for its authenticity.

Mie Pangsit Tiong Sim

Address: Selat Panjang Street
Operating Hour: 07.00 AM – 22.00 PM

49. Nasi Goreng Pete

nasi goreng pete stinky bean fried rice 172 makanmana kuliner medan
The green bean is called petay.

One of the most famous Indonesia’s dishes, other than Rendang, is Nasi Goreng. It is our staple food and is commonly being sold at night. This particular one made the list because it is fried rice with pete (petay) which is an ingredient in the form of beans that is popular all around Southeast Asia. The Nasi Goreng Pete here is pretty spicy so do get a soya milk to down the heat!

nasi goreng pete 172

172 Nasi Goreng Pete

Address: Singa Street, Pandau Hulu II
Operating Hour: 15.00 PM – Night

50. Nasi Goreng Semalam Suntuk

nasi goreng semalam suntuk

If you’re a night owl like me and also a glutton like me (kidding!) and find yourself in a heap of hunger at midnight, you may want to visit this eatery here. Selling a simple yet wonderful fried rice with meat — you can choose either cow meat or chicken meat to top your fried rice with — and could be a perfect midnight hunger solution.

nasi goreng fried rice semalam suntuk makanmana kuliner medan
Nasi Goreng with some meat.

Nasi Goreng Semalam Suntuk

Address: Bridgend Katamso Street, across Istana Maimum, just next to PusDa
Operating Hour: 17.30 – 02.00 AM

51. Nasi Simangunsong at RM David

nasi simangunsong kuliner medan rumah makan david makanmana
This one is called Nasi Simangunsong spesial Ikan Asin.

A very simple dish consisting of rice, kangkung belacan and fried chicken, the humble dish here is actually pretty famous. Why not give this a try, a humbling local dish that may actually get your knees bend.

You can also order other dishes on the menu, we recommend them!

nasi simangunsong rm david

Nasi Simangunsong at RM David

Address: No.3, Hindu Street, Kesawan
Operating Hour: 09.00 AM – 14.00 PM ; 17.30 PM – 21.30

52. Pecel Lele Mbak Bolek

pecel lele mbak bolek makanmana kuliner medan

Pecel Lele is an Indonesian fried fish dish that is served with with sambal and vegetable. They offer a number of different dishes as well. You should also try the Udang Sere, a shrimp dish that we never miss out when we’re here.

Pecel Lele Mbak Bolek

Address: No. 2-K, Wajir Street
Operating Hour: 17.00 PM – 22.00 PM

53. Steamboat Corner Medan

steamboat corner steamboat 2-in-1 makanmana kuliner medan
Steamboat 2-in-1

Following an innovative concept of a restaurant abroad, this non-pork Chinese restaurant served a 2-in-1 cooking concept for the steamboat. The BBQ Steamboat combines the grilling and boiling areas on a specially made iron pan. A pretty good place to have a family meal.

Author’s Note: One of the specialties they have is called ‘Lem Ikan’ or in literal translation, ‘glued fish’. Find out more by visiting the restaurant.

steamboat corner medan

Steamboat Corner

Address: Block E, No. 15-16, MBC (Medan Business Center) complex, S. Parman Street
Operating Hour: 11.30 AM – 22.00 PM

54. Sop Kambing Kumango

sop kambing lamb soup kumango makanmana kuliner medan
source: instagram @kulinerkoko

As one of the most legendary food joints in Medan, you really should not miss this place — unless you don’t eat goat meat (even if it doesn’t have gamey smell).

Since 1976, with the signature look of orange-y undertone for its broth, Sop Kambing Kumango had become a dependable comfort food because of its flavour that never change through the time.

Sop Kambing Kumango

Address: Jenderal Ahmad Yani Street, Gwangju, Kesawan
Operating Hour: 19.00 AM – 23.00 PM (closed on Sunday)

Drink and Dessert

Indulge yourself in the sweet temptation of ice shaved dessert to invigorating, healthy drink and saccharine, creamy beverages

55. Bandrek Sorbat

bandrek sorbat

Warm yourself with a cup of Bandrek.

bandrek sorbat
Sorbat is Bandrek in Pakistani Language

It is easy to fall sick in the hot and rainy weather, especially when it comes to unpredictable weather. Made from ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, nutmeg and other ingredients, this spicy drink will give you a slight burn in your throat from the spice. Bandrek could be an option for a challenging but warming drink.

Bandrek Sorbat

Address: Gatot Subroto Street, Sekip
Operating Hour: 17.00 PM – 00.00 AM (closed on Sunday)

56. Es Campur Amo

es campur amo

For Indonesian, Es Campur is one of the most demanded traditional desserts especially in the killing hot weather. Composed of coconut milk, it has savoury undertone that is backed up by the sweetness of the other ingredients. Adding the other ingredients in, such as gula aren, black jelly, cendol, delima, and etc, bring out a saccharine taste that integrates perfectly with the coconut milk. Topped with shaved ice, you have Indonesia’s all-time favourite dessert.

es campur amo mixed shaved ice
Left: Pokat Kocok, Right: Es Campur)

Es Campur Amo / AMO Mixed Ice

Address: No. 117-I, Sei Kera Street, Pandau Hilir
Operating Hour: 11.00 AM – 22.00 PM

57. Es Campur Nana

es campur nana mixed shaved ice

Getting by only with the strength of mouth-to-mouth recommendation, this place manages to get into the list. The distinctive feature that sets Es Campur Nana apart is the usage of colourful sweet jelly in place of cendols.

es campur es alpokat nana avocado juice
Get their Avocado Chocolate drink as well!

Es Campur Nana

Address: No. 727 A, Bridgjen Katamso Street, Kp. Baru
Operating Hour: 11.00 – 17.00 PM

58. Es Campur Tin Tin

es campur tin tin medan

Smacked right in the city market called Pasar Ramai, this Es Campur is more famous because of its cendol. Cendol is the greenish, long shaped rice cake that is chewy and usually tasteless. The tasteless cendols usually soak up flavour from the coconut milk, making it chewy in texture and umami in flavour.

Es Campur Tin Tin at Pasar Ramai

Address: Sei Rengas II Street, Medan Area
Operating Hour: 09.00 AM – 17.00 PM

59. Es Krim Ria

es krim ria ice cream

Enter another memorable eatery on the list, this dessert or snack house is probably well-known to the locals. Used to only ice cream retailing, the current joint that is opened by the son, provides more food options for customers. From Martabak to Sate Padang and to Es Jeruk, this place is an unsurpassed existence for the locals. Around this place is a couple of airbnb, so it’s pretty convenient.

es krim ria kuliner medan

Es Krim Ria

Address: No. 22C/28, Surabaya Street, Ps Baru
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 20.30 PM

60. Macehat Coffee

macehat coffee medan
Open space area where you can sit with the breeze

If you’re tired from walking and the sun is just burning you right up from the sky, stop by this beverage house that sells Avocado Coffee Float. One of Indonesia’s most popular beverage is probably Alpokat Coklat (Chocolate Avocado) but this one at Macehat Coffee, comes with a twist. Adding coffee in the mix, they create one of the trendy drink for us Medanese to enjoy.

macehat coffee medan avocado coffee float
Avocado Coffee Float

Macehat Coffee

Address: No. 20, Karo Street, Centre Petisah
Operating Hour: 10.30 AM – 18.45 PM

61. Pokat Kocok Bu Iyah

pokat kocok bu iyah

The heatwave in Medan could be unforgiving, so do not skip the dessert list, you will need it. Started in 1968, Pokat Kocok Bu Iyah started from a humble travelling cart until they moved to the current location. They still retain the cart, but it is no longer used to moved around but as a historic monument, as a memory of how it started.

pokat kocok bu iyah avocado with shaved ice
Mashed Avocado topped with Gula Aren, Condensed Milk and Milo.

The beginning may be humble but may the ending be prosperous.

Pokat Kocok Bu Iyah

Address: No. 21, Yos Sudarso Street, Glugur Kota
Operating Hour: 11.00 AM – 22.00 PM

62. Rujak Kolam Takana Juo

rujak kolam takana juo

Takana Juo, which is derived from Minang language which meant “Terkenang Juga” or “Remembered Too” in literal translation, has been around for more than 45 years and is always full of people.

rujak kolam takana juo
Gula aren manually grind by a circle shaped stone.

This made-by-order Rujak is made from milled green chili, fried peanut and gula aren. Enjoyed with not just veggies but also Bihun, the versatility of the peanut sauce truly makes one in awe. Of course there are still other ingredients that make Rujak’s flavour becomes complex; such as sweet, spicy, and slight souris really a perfect Indonesian salad.

Rujak Kolam Takana Juo

Address: No. 98-96, Mahkamah Street, Mesjid
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM

All Time

You can eat at the restaurants below at any given time — most of them anyway.

63. Acuan Pek Cam Kee

acuan pek cam kee
Steamed Chicken with Sambal Kentang, Kiam Chai, Boiled egg in soy sauce

Another dish that has some Chinese influence on it is Steamed Chicken. Eaten plain, this chicken dish is a perfect healthy meal for those who are into nourishing meals.

The Asian holistic approach does not impose a rigid diet but stresses a common-sense, relaxed approach to eating in which balance is key.

Nina Simonds on ‘A Spoonful of Ginger’

In accordance of the Yin and Yang principle that spoke about dualism, the principle is also put into practice in the form of cooking. To balance the Yin (cold nature) and Yang (hot nature), each food that is cooked is essential to the health of the consumers.

acuan pek cam kee

Acuan Pek Cam Kee

Address: No. 151- A, Asia Street, Sei Rengas II
Operating Hour: 24 Hours

64. Bakso Gandhi

bakso gandhi beef meatball
Look at the meatballs, dayum.

As one of the Bakso joints we visit often, this place offers not just the bowl of goodness but also pleasant experience. With plenty of meatballs in the bowl of soup, this wholesome meal of protein will make both your stomach and heart satisfied. You can choose either Kwetiau, Mie, or Bihun as the carbs as well.

bakso sapi gandhi

Bakso Sapi Gandhi

Address: No. 92, Gandhi Street, Sei Rengas I
Opening Hour: 07.00 AM – 18.15 PM

65. BPK Haleluya

bpk babi panggang karo haleluya

As a city with Batak Tribe as the natives (get to know more of this tribe through googling), it is no wonder to find many places that sell Bataknese specialty cuisine — Babi Panggang Karo for short, BPK. Here you can also try Kidu-kiddu, a traditional Batak known as Batak sausage that may not be available in most BPK places. The barbecued meat or BPK is usually served with small serving of blood and Andaliman, a spice that is notable in Bataknese cuisines.

bpk babi panggang karo haleluya

BPK Haleluya

Address: No. 33, Berdikari Street, Padang Bulan
Opening Hour: 09.30 AM – 21.30 PM

66. BPK Ingat


Know more about BPK Ingat on the video above. On the series of Quimak (Quick Makanmana Guide — a food exposure series that you should check out), you will be able to understand more about the restaurant itself and the food they serve. Enjoy!

bpk babi panggang karo ingat jamin ginting

RM BPK Ingat

Address: No. 16, Jamin Ginting Street
Operating Hour: 07.00 AM – 21.00 PM

67. Kwetiau Ateng

kwetiau ateng

Hailed as one of the top-ranking Kwetiau in Medan (in popularity as well as price), this restaurant has been visited by numerous celebrities and even government people — that’s how famous this place is. Although the price may be high, the portion they give is quite generous as well.

With chopped fish balls, shrimps, lap chiong, and chasio, I think the price is well-aligned with the quality and quantity the ingredients used. It is situated in a street filled with many star-seller as well, which mostly open at night.

Kwetiau Ateng

Adress: No. 52A, S. Parman Street, Petisah Tengah
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 00.30 AM

68. Kwetiau Pangkalan Berandan

kwetiau beras pangkalan brandan

Homemade Kwetiau and remarkable flavour make this Kwetiau in our favourite list. To top it off, the price doesn’t make your pocket empty for a meal, so don’t miss out on this place because it’s such a shame!

kwetiau beras rice koay teow pangkalan brandan

Kwetiau Beras P. Berandan

Address: No.22c, Pukat Banting I Street, Bantan
Operating Hour: 07.00 AM – 10.00 AM | 16.30 PM – 22.00 PM

69. Mie Ahai Kangkung Belacan

mie ahai kangkung belacan

To create a perfect dish, a good command in the kitchen is important. Producing an umami flavour needs not only the ability to control the fire setting, perfect timing, cooking duration, and balancing the ratio order of ingredients but also the chef’s natural instinct in the process.

mie ahai kangkung belacan
Drenched in Kangkung Belacan sauce, the noodles is rather spicy and wet.

Located at the famous food Street called Semarang, this Mie Ahai Kangkung Belacan is worth to try as well.

Ahai Mie Kangkung Belacan

Address: Semarang Street, across Bihun Bebek Atak
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 22.00 PM

72. Mie Rebus Hoklai

mie rebus hok lai kuliner medan makanmana

A little far from the other food hotspots, Mie Rebus Hoklai will entice your palate because of its aromatic herbs smell. The thick soup with crunchy dried shrimp would definitely make your already watery mouth flooding.

mie rebus hok lai
Indonesia noodles drenched in thick, savoury sauce topped with crackers

Mie Rebus Hoklai

Address: No. 52, Bambu I Street, Kampung Durian
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 19.00 PM (closed on Monday)

71. Mie Sop Bu Tuti

mie sop bu tuti

The main hero of a Mie Sop usually is the Bakso because the flavour for the soup comes from the meat. However, you won’t find meatballs here and instead shredded chicken for topping. BUT! The flavour that the soup has definitely won our heart — and probably yours too.

mie sop bu tuti

Mie Sop Bu Tuti

Address: Karya Bersama Street, Polonia
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 22.00 PM

72. Nasi Ayam Mama Koki

nasi ayam mama koki jalan singa
From across the street, the jail-look-alike place attracted our attention

Noted as a Binjai City’s specialty restaurant, this place is famous for its fried chicken. Yes, you heard right. Fried chicken. Unlike fried chicken that has drier skin, their version of fried chicken involves moist looking chicken with caramelised skinyummy!

nasi ayam mama koki chicken rice
The full menu on the table

Nasi Ayam Mama Koki

Address: No. 62, S. Parman Street, Center Petisah

73. Nasi Ayam SP3

nasi ayam sp3 selat panjang

Situated alongside other famous restaurant in Selat Panjang Street, this Nasi Ayam or Chicken Rice is just as reputable as the other restaurants. With a plate full of ingredients, you will find yourself eating until your stomach burst — hopefully not!

nasi ayam sp3 selat panjang chicken rice
Topped with sliced roast chicken, chasiu, rendang, and shrimp

Nasi Ayam SP3

Address: No.3, Selat Panjang Street
Operating Hour: 09.00 AM – 22.00 PM

74. Nasi Hainam Asli Selat Panjang

nasi hainam asli selat panjang

Just a few blocks away from the eatery above, Nasi Hainam’s rice is already worth eating on its own; the fragrant smell is rich from the spices. Even when we have the food takeaway, the rice stays as good as it is, not turning into mush like rice usually does.

nasi hainam asli selat panjang hainanese chicken rice
Legit looks so good —perfectly egg-boiled egg and crisp, non-greasy roast chicken.

Nasi Hainam Selat Panjang

Address: No. 10, Selat Panjang Street
Operating Hour: 09.00 AM – 21.00 PM

75. Nasi Padang Nusantara (Vegetarian)

nasi padang nusantara nasi padang vegetarian

Finally, here is the place for Vegetarians. Using the Padang-style of serving food, Nasi Padang Nusantara uses vegetables to re-create what had been very meaty dishes. Other than the lay-on-the-table menu, you can also find ala carte menu like their Mie Pangsit vegetarian-style.

nasi padang nusantara nasi padang vegetarian
Yes, these are all vegetarian dishes!

Nasi Padang Nusantara

Address: Bakaran Batu Street, Sei Rengas I
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 20.00 PM

76. Ola Kisat

bpk babi panggang ola kisat
Barbecued pork that say, “come hither”

Taste the authentic Batak Tribe’s BPK in Ola Kisat, where you could enjoy barbecued pork in a more pleasant setting. Although all BPK restaurants in the list are as delicious, it needs to be noted that each has their own family’s recipes that makes them amazing in their own way.

The barbecued pork is well-seasoned and the meat soaks up all the flavour. You should get their Kidu-kidu as well per our recommendation because it neutralised the meat taste. (Psst, they also sell Ikan Arsik, one of the Batak Tribe’s classic dish).

Ola Kisat

Address: Dame Street, Sei Sikambing
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 20.00 PM (Monday to Saturday)
08.00 AM – 17.00 PM (Sunday)

77. Tip Top

tip top restaurant
This place was where the Dutch people used to hang out in.

Stepping into this traditional looking restaurant that was built in 1934, it feels as if time stops in that era as well. The Dutch influence on the cuisines and the decoration as well as the combination of traditional Indonesia’s style blend together in a very beautiful way, creating a place that withstand the modernisation through time. (Do try their cakes — it’s the local favourites).

Author’s Note: It’s located near Tjong A Fie mansion as well at the Kesawan District.

cake tip top restaurant
One of the traditional cakes i the bakery.

Tip Top Restaurant

Address: No. 92 A-B, Jenderal Ahmad Yani Street, Kesawan
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 22.30 PM

78. Lembur Kuring

lembur kuring
Used to be a boat-style restaurant near the previous airport, this authentic restaurant does not lose any of its customer even after the move.

The most well-known and old Sunda-style Restaurant is Lembur Kuring. An array of delectable dishes that is just delicious from the appetiser to the main menu as well as cold freshly squeezed juices, this restaurant has definitely proved itself time and time again with the consistency in flavour they put on the table.

crab in spicy sauce lembur kuring
Crab in Spesial Lembur Kuring Spicy Sauce

Restoran Lembur Kuring

Address: No. 85, T. Amir Hamzah Street, Helvetia
Operating Hour: 11.00 AM – 22.00 PM

79. Warung Nasi Memeng

warung nasi memeng
The sambal is exquisite here.

Branching out from the main restaurant in Siantar, Warung Nasi Memeng is like other rice stalls — they have their dishes out on the stall so you choose whichever you feel like eating. The basic of family recipe is important, because that is what makes one’s eatery differ from another.

warung nasi memeng
Front look of Warung Nasi Memeng

Nasi Memeng Cab. Siantar

Address: No. 271, Wahidin Street, Pandau Hulu II
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM -16.00 PM

Small Bites:

80. Kue Gunting

Watch inside to know where you can go to food hunt the small bites.

To immerse oneself in another’s culture truly needs us to understand and explore the most basic local favorites — uhm, I mean children’s favourites. Perhaps our childhood best memory (at least mine) came in a form of eating snacks during school or tutorial break. There will always be an uncle or auntie waiting outside the gate with their motorcycle/bicycle and a box of fried stuffs we called ‘Kue Gunting’ inside the box. What an awesome memory, really.

kue gunting

81. Lap Choi

lap choi pasarame
Lap Choi – a mix of veggies and seafood drenched in tomatoey sauce.

If you’re looking for a healthier version of Tau Kua He Ci (which we talked about above on the lunch section), here is the ‘twin’ of said dish. Lap Choi’s gravy and Tau Kua He Ci’s gravy are similar in their condensed consistency and sweet taste. The distinct features about Lap Choi that its gravy has more sour taste and less fried stuff on the plate. Also, there’s added cuttlefish to finish the whole menu!

lap choi

Lap Choi at Pasar Ramai

Adress: Pasar Ramai, M.H. Thamrin Street, Pandau Hulu I
Operating Hour: 06.00 AM – 16.00 PM

82. Martabak Piring Kapuas

martabak piring kapuas

Entitled as the best Martabak Piring in Medan (by us), this thin crispy martabak (or perhaps you can call it pancake but martabak has different meaning so it’s not literal translation!) is perhaps the first one that appeared in Medan. Long story short, you will find two types of sweet Martabak: thin and thick. The thinner one is generally crispier in texture while the thicker one is usually denser and soaks more filling.

martabak piring kapuas

Martabak Piring Sejak Dulu

Address: At the intersection between Kapuas Street and Sutomo Street.
Operating Hour: 18.00 PM – 00.00 PM

83. Martabak Piring Murni

martabak piring murni

Situated at the intersection between Selat Panjang Street and Bogor Street, this Martabak Piring exploded in popularity after an exposure on a national TV by having a meses sponsor. (Meses is the short, thin chocolate thingy sprinkle in the martabak).

When you reach the intersection of this road that is exceptionally busy at night, the aromatic scent of butter and sugar would have already hit your nose. Just approach the seller and buy some of those precarious snacks (for your health)!

martabak piring murni

Martabak Piring Murni

Address: No.43, Tjong Yong Hian Street, Ps. Baru
Operating Hour: 17.30 PM – 23.30 PM

84. Yurich Martabak & Kebab House

yurich martabak house

For those who enjoy the thick, buttery Martabak Manis, you surely need to visit Martabak Yurich. Famed for creating the first Black Martabak called the Orchis (oreo + cheese), you certainly need to try it. Once I had my first taste of it, I never look back. (Disclaimer: everyone’s preference is different!)

Yurich Martabak & Kebab House

Address: No. 8H, Putri Merak Jingga Street, Kesawan
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 23.30 PM

85. Mei Cin Pancake Durian

mei cin pancake durian

Calling out all Durian lovers, here’s another way to eat said Durian: wrapped in a soft green or yellow dough and eat it cold!

If you think that once a Durian is made into these pancakes, they will taste less like a Durian. Well, be prepared to be awed instead. With strong Durian smell and no preservatives as well as colouring, this plate of cold dessert is truly an easy way of eating Durian.

mei cin durian pancake

Mei Cin Pancake Durian

Address: No. 3E, Ketapang Street, Sekip
Operating Hour: 06.00 AM – 21.00 PM

86. Pecel Ahiok

pecel ahiok

Pecel, also known as Javanese Peanut Salad, is Indonesia’s traditional mixed veggies small bites. As one of the archipelago culinary heritage, many locals are able to make it — but the difference: it lies on the taste. At Pecel Ahiok, they make their Pecel based on the customers’s taste: spicy, non-spicy, watery, or gooey — all of them use the same base, but they double their work to cater to picky customers (most locals are!)

pecel ahiok javanese peanut salad
Pecel Encer

Pecel Ahiok

Address: No. 1, Brig Jend. Zein Hamid Street, Titi Kuning
Operating Hour: 11.00 AM – 18.00 PM (closed on Monday)

87. Pecel dan Uyen Akhiun

When it comes to travelling and exploring, walking all over the city is inescapable. You might find yourself getting hungry around afternoon and looking for some small bites to appease your belly. This stall selling Pecel and Uyen (fried taro) can be an option for your afternoon snacks.

Pecel and Uyen Akhiun

Address: No. 84C, Sabaruddin Street, Sei Rengas II
Operating Hour: 11.00 AM – 18.00 PM (closed on Thursday)

88. Pecel Mbak Supia

pecel mba supia javanese peanut salad
A plate of Pecel, especially good for those enjoy peanut sauce!

If you’re finding yourself on a low-budget but craving for a good meal that won’t rob your pocket, you can always try out another Pecel dish. Noodles drenched in peanut sauce and topped with some crackers, honestly it’s as filling as any other expensive dishes do.

pecel mba supia javanese peanut salad
A traditional looking shop.

Pecel Mbak Supia

Address: No. 21A, Sei Putih Baru Street, Babura
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 15.00 PM

89. Popiah Atak Yoserizal

popiah atak yoserizal spring rolls

The King of Popiah (Spring Rolls) — as we call it. The reason is simple: it’s super good. Sold in two different ways: steamed and fried, this Popiah could get you nodding your head in agreement after the first bite.

Their popularity lies in the fact they use crab meat as well as chasio in their Popiah (sort of like Vietnamese spring roll, but different dough is used for the roll). Most Popiah uses chicken and veggies to cater to the Muslims as well but they took another way to create a difference, and it works.

popiah atak yoserizal spring rolls
Popiah: Spring rolls

Popiah Atak Yose Rizal

Address: Yose Rizal Street, Sei Rengas I
Operating Hour: 15.00 PM – 22.00 PM

90. Sate Kacang Yose Rizal at Kopi 101

sate kacang yoserizal pork satay
Sizzling on the grill is the pork satay.

It is not easy to find pork satay in Medan, despite the numerous Chasio and Siobak stalls that are spread all around the city. Because of its sweet nature, pork satay is best served with peanut sauce, which this stall does. Drenching the Satay with peanut sauce instead of Padang sauce does have its own attractiveness.

sate kacang yoserizal pork satay

Kopi 101

Address: No. 75/125, Yose Rizal Street, Sei Rengas II
Operating Hour: 17.00 PM – 21.00 PM

91. Sate Memeng

sate memeng

Indonesia as a whole is famous for its spicy dishes. Here at Sate Memeng, you can challenge yourself with the spice and see if it’s spicy enough for your tongue. We think that their Mie Rebus is better, so do try it out as well!

sate kacang memeng peanut satay

Sate Memeng

Address: No. 2, Buntu Alley, Irian Barat Street, at the Nusantara Street Intersecton
Operating Hour: 18.00 PM – 23.00 PM

92. Sate Nasional

sate nasional

When you think of Indonesia’s Satay, the first thing that would come in mind is Sate Padang — Sate with curry like consistency of a gravy that is quite spicy. But, if you’re into sweeter kind of sauce, there is always Sate Kacang or Satay with peanut sauce (personally, I like peanut sauce better) and you can find a good one here at Sate Nasional.

sate nasional

Sate Nasional

Address: Kesawan, West Medan, Medan City.
Operating Hour: 18.00 PM – 23.00 PM

93. Sate Triadi

The distinction between this Satay stall and the others lies in the fact that they offer a varieties of different Satays. From chicken to squid, the array of skewers they have make them a Satay spot to keep coming back to.

sate triadi
Varieties of sate you can choose from!

Author’s Note: The sauce is quite spicy for me; had to down 2 cups of tea to minimise the heat.

sate triadi
If it had not been for this banner, I would have missed this place!

Sate Triadi

Address: No. 53, G.B. Joshua Street, Pandau Hilir
Operating Hour: 15:00 PM – 22.00 PM

94. Sate Padang West

sate padang west
Old-fashioned Satay Cart

Located in the heart of the city, you’ll find numerous places to go for good food — you won’t find yourself in hunger as long as you’re in Medan. When you find a road called Kalimantan, you’ll find a few food carts along the roadside near the intersection with the Sumatra Street. One of them is Sate Padang West, a well-known Satay spot for Satay lovers.

sate padang west
A bountiful amount of meat skewers.

Sate Padang West

Address: Kalimantan Street
Operating Hour: Usually at noon

95. Toko Kue Banyumas

toko kue banyumas traditional cake shop

Still in the heart of the city, this place is right in a mall next to the bustling Pasar Ramai. You have to go down the stairs — not up, to get to the bread stall. Once you stepped into the mall like basement, the aromatic smell that hints you of freshly baked breads would sell them out immediately. Look out for their baked goods — any kind really.

toko kue banyumas traditional cake shop

Toko Kue Banyumas

Address: 1st floor Thamrin Plaza, MH Thamrin Street, Pandau Hulu I
Operating Hour: 10.00 AM – 22.00 PM

96. Toko Kue Phin-Phin

toko kue phin phin traditional cake shop
This is Lemper (used to be my fav until I can’t eat too much of glutinous rice)

Talking about small bites, do you know there are more or less than 75 types of traditional Indonesian snack? There is Lemper — a glutinous rice filled with shredded, savoury chicken that used to be my favourite when I was a child. Toko Kue Phin-Phin presents most of these delicate snacks at your convenience; you just need to visit the shop.

toko kue phin phin traditional cake shop
Love this Dadar Gulung as well!

Toko Kue Phin-Phin

Address: No. 32-34, Dewa Ruci Street, Petisah Tengah
Operating Hour: 08.00 AM – 17.30 PM (Monday to Saturday)
08.00 AM – 16.30 PM (Sunday)

97. Putu Bambu Sudi Mampir

putu bambu sudi mampir
Outer look

Founded in 1969, this stall used to be a travelling food cart. Now, evolving along the time, Putu Bambu Sudi Mampir stays in one place while customers are the one who flocked around to buy their snack. We suggest you to buy it back home because the area is quite not suitable to hang out.

Putu Bambu Sudi Mampir

Address: Asia, Sei Rengas I
Operating Hour: 17.30 PM – 00.00 AM

Durian Spesial!

Southeast Asia’s most famous/infamous fruit, the King of Fruits, Durian awaits you all to come and taste it. A lil’ bit of knowledge, although Durian is aplenty all around the country and at the neighbouring countries, when you test them all, you will find that each of them taste differently from each other. So if you’ve tried one from other areas, don’t think you’ve tried it all (cause I, myself, is still attempting to try all the Durians I can find).

98. Durian Bolang

bolang durian

Nowadays, it is easier to carry durian through the aircraft inspection because the seller would pack them and seal them ’till no durian scent can be smelt anymore. But honestly, how can anyone resist this goodness?

Durian Bolang

Address: No. 75 C-D, Iskandar Muda Street, Babura
Operating Hour: 24 Hour

99. Durian Pelawi

pelawi durian

Rather far from the other two places, this one is located at the suburban near RM Sipirok as well as Tau Kua He Ci. The place still holds a rather conservative look in comparison of the well-decorated Durian Bolang and Ucok. If you want to try the more traditional way, you have to sit down and experience enjoying Durian in the local way.

Durian Pelawi

Address: No. 10, Kutilang Street, Sei Sikambing B
Operating Hour: 24 Hour

100. Durian Ucok

ucok durian
Used to look like this.

A Durian haven for the Durian lovers, this spot does not need introduction. Most of the people who come to Medan would definitely visit this spot, that’s how mainstream this place but still, they are trustworthy to bring you good durian.

Durian Ucok

Address: No. 30-32, K.H. Wahid Hasyim Street, Babura
Operating Hour: 24 Hours

Great job! You’ve made through the super long list although there are more in actuality (it’s up to you to make through it…). Here is a map for you to see the whole area to help you with the itinerary.

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