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Don’t Miss Out on These Grilled Pork Rice Outlets when Visiting Medan!

Warning: Non-halal content ahead!

Sio Bak

Pork can be cooked in many ways, seasoned with many kinds of spices, and they will (mostly) turn out really delicious. One of our favorite kinds is definitely grilled or barbequed pork. Whether it’s BBQ with local spices, Korean flavors, or even Western’s way, they would always be memorable.

Char Siu

In this article, though, we would be covering Grilled Pork Rice. You can find Cantonese-style BBQ Pork called ‘Char Siu’ or called ‘chasio’ locally and Cantonese Roast Pork Belly called ‘Sio Bak’. They are usually called Grilled Pork Rice or ‘Nasi Babi Panggang’.

Read the Bahasa version here:

The distinct signature in most of Grilled Pork Rice outlets is the hanging grilled pork strips over the glass barrier, tantalizing the customers before they can get their hands on them 🤣

Let’s move on straight to the guilty pleasure bits!

1. Chasio Asan


Address: No. 123, Sun Yat Sen Street, Sei Rengas I
Operating Hour: 09:30 AM – 15.00 PM

Chasio Asan is one of the legendary Char Siu stalls in Medan, been around for years.

When you visit Chasio Asan, instead of a thick slice of Char Siu, expect a thin, crispy slice of the Char Siu, perfectly glazed and grilled to perfection. Even though it’s glazed with honey, it doesn’t stick in your teeth and goes really well with rice.

FYI, because Char Siu tasted sweet with nice glaze, it is typically called ‘Char Siu Madu’ or Honeyed Char Siu by the locals.

2. Chasio Afoek 88

Char Siu

Address: Jl. Brigjend Katamso No.148, Sukaraja, Medan
Operating Hour: 09.30-17.00
Contact Number: 0853-6297-7777

Perhaps one of my favorite in town, Chasio Afoek serves a tasty plate of Grilled Pork Rice. I have to admit the price is quite expensive (like most famous and legendary places do) but once in a while, it’s quite nice to get.

To get both the Sio Bak and Char Siu, order the mix version. The Sio Bak is tender, juicy, and has soaked up all the flavors, giving a nice, savory taste while the Char Siu adds texture and sweetness to the overall dish.

They also serve delicious, pork ribs soup. The broth is packed with flavor, but the taste is leaning on the saltier side.

Dari seberang

FYI, we heard that Chasio Afoek and Chasio Asan are relatives, hence why the similarities of the foods they serve.

3. Agu Sio Bak Pui

Address: Jl. Dagan No.8b, Sekip, Medan
Operating Hour: 10.00-17.30
Contact Number.: 0812-6059-397

In Agu Siobak Pui, you won’t find a honey Char Siu, but you can find LOTS of different kinds of pork meat here. In addition to Char Siu and Sio Bak, you can find Lap Cheong or Chinese Sausage, Pork Ribs, and Pork Jerky.

Mix Platter

Instead of bright red, the Char Siu here takes on a darker brown color.

Watch the video for more, in-depth reviews from Leo and Bobby! Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles!

If you come here on Sunday, there will be more choices for you to choose from; such as Pork Stomach, Pork Intestine, and Pork Tongue!

Dari depan

4. Siobak Kiong

Address: Jalan Berlian Sari, before RM Gek Lan, on the left side
Operating Hour: 09.30 – habis (biasanya jam 12.30)
Char Siu

Who’s here think that it’s WORTH IT to drive a bit further from the city just to get a bite of delicious foods? Well, we definitely do love finding delicious foods all around and out of the city.

One of the first few places (outside the city) we ever visited was Siobak Kiong, a stall located at Berlian Sari street (just click on the location for better info), a good one hour from the city.

In one plate of Nasi Babi Panggang, you’ll get a mix of deliciously caramelized roasted pork, melt-in-the-mouth Sio Bak, Lap Cheong, and Roasted Chicken. We recommend pouring the thick, sweet sauce over the Char Siu then enjoy it!

Dari depan

5. Apin Siobak

Address: Pesisir Bagan Percut) Unnamed Road, Percut, Percut Sei Tuan
Operating Hour: 11.00 AM – 19.00 PM (SUNDAY OPENS AT 9.30 AM | CLOSED ON MONDAY)

If you don’t mind driving a little further away, then do visit ‘Apin Siobak’ at the Percut area. It’s quite a challenging drive, completely hidden with winding roads to get through.

But, the experience and taste that they serve are definitely one-of-a-kinds. You can see the preparation they do in making the grilled porks, and the traditional way they made their Char Siu and Siobak.

Watch the video for more reviews!

What do we miss?

Char Siu

Honestly, when discussing the best Grilled Pork Rice outlets in Medan, it’s not easy. Everyone has a different palate and in most places, although similar, serve different flavors albeit just a little.

In Medan, there are a lot of Grilled Pork Rice outlets that we have yet to visit, so drop a comment and recommend some that you think we miss out on!

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