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(English) Medan Tourist Food Guide

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THERE IS 2019 UPDATE ON THIS GUIDE, PLEASE VISIT 100 Must Eat Local Street Food in Medan 2019!

If you’re visitor or tourist from outside Medan and would like to taste unique culinary experience in Medan City, here’s a food guide and places that are recommended by Makanmana crews.

*Click the title or photo to read the review.

Let’s start with Breakfast

Soto Sinar Pagi or Soto H Anwar Sulaiman

Even Mr President and Miss Universe have visited this place, the authentic taste of Soto Medan.


We nominated this the Premiere Curry in Medan.

Bihun Bebek kumango

The most expensive duck noodle in town, and of course the most delicious one.

Bakso Sapi Aan

If you’re into beef, Don’t miss out this place.

Tip Top

The truly Medan’s heritage, enjoy your dining experience in colonial interior. Don’t tell us you’ve been to Medan if you haven’t been to this place.

And for lunch, we have…(Non Halal)

Chasio Asan or Afuk 88

If you’re pork fan, this one is a must visit place.

Onma Tabo, Idola, or Ondo

BPK or Karo Roasted Pork is local delicacy originated from Batak People.

Lunch, Non Pork alternative

Nasi Minang/Padang Gumarang Jaya

For those who can handle spicy food, this place offers good fried chicken.

Restoran Garuda

If hygiene is your concern, this restaurant offers good and clean environment, although the price is slightly more expensive.

Nasi Ayam Selat Panjang No 10

Arguably the best hainan chicken rice in Medan, and also our favorite.

In the afternoon…

Sate Padang Afrizal Amir or Triadi or Sate kacang Memeng

Originated from Padang, West Sumatra, Best to try around tea time.

Dinner? There are plenty!

Sup Kambing Kumango

The king of Lamb soup in Medan! Condensed soup and delicious taste, but be careful with your cholesterol

Mie Tien Sin

One of the trademark in Medan. Hand made noodle with big tasty dumpling.

Jalan Semarang or Selat Panjang or Kota Cane

Enjoy hawker food along this street and taste unique dining experience.

Kwetiaw Goreng

There are too many delicious kwetiaw in Medan, so we list them down for you.

Durian Medan

It’s not valid to leave Medan without exotic smell in your mouth, Try Durian Ucok or Juntak Margana.

Jangan sampai lupa oleh-oleh/souvenir

Bika Ambon

A very typical souvenir. Nobody ever returned without this one, they’re mostly avaiable in Jalan Majapahit.

Bolu Meranti

Alternative to Bika Ambon, taste good and easy to carry. It lasts longer too.

Risol Gogo

Small size bites means easier to carry.

Toko Kue Phin-Phin

Various bites and traditional cakes, lots of choices.

Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee Macehat or Wak Noer

Becoming recent trend, civet coffee is considered luxurious souvenir due to its price.

Rujak Aceh LLF

Prepared by Madam Lily Fong herself to guarantee you the best quality and fresh Aceh style fruit salad.

And that’s our list for now. We’ll  update this page as our reviews list grow.

We hope you enjoy reading and found the information. Feel free to leave comment if you have questions.

Happy culinary hunting!

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